Guitars, Lead Vocals

Charrango, Piano, Portuguese Guitar

Emmanuel Jessua

Bass, Back Vocals

Cédric "Gredin" Pages


Jonathan Maurois


Théo Begue



Hypno5e was formed by Thibault Lamy and me, Emmanuel Jessua.

I'd been working on Hypno5e songs for a long time, during my stay in Mexico in early 2000.

Inspiration came from a need to translate my youthful years in Bolivia into music and using that like a journal, the musical transposition of a deep melancholia i felt. A melancholia that grew with each city crossed out and left behind.

Hypno5e was built as the result of two passions I had, music and cinema. I could not picture images without music, and each music produced an image in me. The kind of the music I wanted to do was some kind of original score for an imaginary movie, built on memories and souvenirs.

I met Thibault through another band we were playing with, and we immediately came to the conclusion that we needed to create something new, we had the same vision of music and the same desires. So we started composing, building our music on movie or book samples, interviews from the Beat Generation or from early 20th century literature. We wanted to create music that was a WHOLE, as encouraged by Artaud in Le Theatre Et Son Double, a piece where all the senses would be called into duty, mixing image, music as well as lights, something very abstract, yet universal, almost like a movie that you can watch with your eyes closed ...

We started composing by mixing some influences I had from my living in South America, and Thibault’s influences, which were more contemporary.

First Album, First Gigs

We started writing Des Deux L'une Est L'autre, the first album, with 2 new members that joined the band in 2005, Jeremy Lautier and Cédric Pagés. From then on, we started touring on our own, facing the indifference of the professionals regarding our music, and we finally decided to release our albums ourselves.

That's what we did until the release of Acid Mist Tomorrow in 2012: we toured all around the world and organized the whole process of production, release and booking on our own.

After 2 very difficult American tours, Jeremy decided to change things in his life and left the band. At that time, we had already started the recording of Acid Mist Tomorrow. We continued to record the album in our own studio, that we set up in an isolated house in the middle of French "Cevennes", a lost and hostile environment ...

At that point, we had to keep on touring so we brought in a long time fan of Hypno5e, Jonathan Maurois, who quit his job to join the band.

Back On The Road

In January 2012, we realeased Acid Mist Tomorrow and started working with people who believed in us like The Link Production and Klonosphere Records.

We went back on the road and toured extensively in France, the US, Australia and Europe. The press went crazy for the new album and slowly but surely things started to get serious.

In September 2012, we went back to the US for our third tour there but two members of the band, including the bass player, Cedric, were blocked and sent back to France by American customs. The other members of the band decided to maintain the tour without them. That was quite a hard time for Hypno5e, we almost quit everything at that point.

In the end, we recovered energy and faith during the French tour and Hypno5e was asked to tour Europe with Gojira for 17 shows as direct support. The tour was a success and a big achievement for the band.

Today and Tomorrow

Then, after 8 years, more than 300 shows around the world and two albums, Thibault Lamy decided to quit Hypno5e. That was when Theo Begue joined the band.

We are now ready to kick things off again and tour until we can´t anymore.