A Distant (Dark) Source

HYPNO5E have forged the term “cinematic metal” with their truly epicscope compositions, oftentimes exceeding not only the 10- but the 20-minutes mark, merging elements of contemporary metal with latin folk and soundtrack-score like sonic landscapes.

After the acoustic special album “Alba – Les Ombres Errantes” (2018), the Southern French quartet are now returning with a more “typical” HYPNO5E record, if there is such a thing: their 5th album, “A Distant (Dark) Source”, is the second part of a diptych album project. Each part will be released separately, starting with the second one. “A Distant (Dark) Source” continues to chase those demons and lost memories which the band has been chasing ever since their debut album “Des Deux L'Une Est L'Autre” : the album is an inward journey to the land of the ghosts of the past.

At the origin of this distant dark source lies Tauca, an old Paleolithic lake located in Bolivia, where singer and guitarist Emmanuel Jessua has grown up, and continues to find inspiration for his musical endeavors. Lake Tauca disappeared more than 15 000 years ago, leaving behind an arid land and salt lakes, like the Salt Desert of Uyuni or Coipasa, at 4.500m of altitude in the Andes mountain range.

“A Distant (Dark) Source” is the musical imagination of a night in this desert, during which the old shores of the lake see the return of the shadows of the people who used to live in this area before its disappearance.

A man comes back to the lake to look for the shadow of the woman he loved. The album tells the story of this ephemeral return.

Alba - Les Ombres Errantes

French post metal pioneers Hypno5e have always been a borderline band, in the truest sense of the term: a band that transcend the borders and limitations of not only the genre of music which is commonly considered to be their territory, but the territory of music itself. Their conceptual, cinematic live show has always been built upon a strong visual component… but that was just the beginning of a journey which is now reaching the next level.

Alba - Les Ombres Errantes is the first full length movie directed by singer and guitar player Emmanuel Jessua. And his band, Hypno5e, has turned down their amps, or switched them off entirely, to provide the stunning 75 minutes soundtrack for this ambitious project.

Emmanuel Jessua grew up in Bolivia, where the movie was filmed with a team of 7 French and Bolivian volunteers, and a budget of only 22.000€. The result is a breathtaking visual and sonic journey through the otherworldly landscapes of one of the most intriguing places on earth… a journey that orbits around the memories and reflections of a man contemplating about the eternal loss of childhood.

For fans who are used to the technical post metal that Hypno5e have become known for, A Backward Glance On A Travel Road might come as a surprise at first: but fans of the band are well aware that moments of folk and Latin have always been present in Hypno5e’s epic take on contemporary metal.

Inspired by the author’s travels through Latin America, Alba - Les Ombres Errantes is a movie, an album and a cinematic live show in its original form. Soon to be seen live across theaters and stages in Europe. More about Alba, a visual concept.

Shores Of The Abstract Line

The French pioneers of cinematic metal, Hypno5e, are back with their 3rd album, Shores of the Abstract Line. This release explores in greater depth the philosophical landscapes crafted by the band on their first 2 albums. Operating in the fractured no-mans-land where memory meets imagination, Hypno5e’s raison d’être is providing foundation for the unknown and unimagined.

Shores of the Abstract Line is a dreamily muscular response to the deep feelings of yearning and displacement which burn within us. Delicate passages of reminiscence merge with deep seated rage to form a panoptic portrait of the human condition. Latin influences blend seamlessly with riff-driven prog to form a heady concoction that toys with the accepted modes and structures of progressive music. The result is an album that is « confident and uncertain, excited and depressed… this dichotomy is one of the band’s leitmotivs, that’s how we get all those highs and lows successively, just like in our actual lives. We play bipolar music », comments Jessua.

There is a fine line between madness and genius and this record exists on the very edge of that precipice – Shores of the Abstract Line is certainly a challenging, but deeply rewarding listening experience. Immerse yourself in this album, and you may never find your way out.

Acid Mist Tomorrow

With their 2nd studio album Acid Mist tomorrow, French metal experimentalists Hypno5e create a unique musical realm. You could call it ambient metal or fusion metal; there is the airy playfulness of modern day′s CYNIC in their songwriting, but the melodic, mellow side is only half of the picture. The other side is dark and crushingly heavy, but the airy serenity always comes back at one point: this is what makes Acid Mist Tomorrow so interesting and captivating.

Des Deux L'une Est L'autre

« We started writing Des Deux L'une Est L'autre, the first album, with 2 new members that joined the band in 2005, Jeremy Lautier and Cédric Pagés. Facing the indifference of the professionals regarding our music, and we finally decided to release our albums ourselves. That's what we did until the release of Acid Mist Tomorrow in 2012: we toured all around the world and organized the whole process of production, release and booking on our own.

The first album was a mix of some influences I had from my living in South America, and Thibault’s influences (Thibault Lamy, former founder), which were more contemporary. We had the same vision of music and the same desires. So we started composing, building our music on movie or book samples, interviews from the Beat Generation or from early 20th century literature.

We wanted to create music that was a WHOLE, as encouraged by Artaud in Le Theatre Et Son Double, a piece where all the senses would be called into duty, mixing image, music as well as lights, something very abstract, yet universal, almost like a movie that you can watch with your eyes closed. »