Alba - Les Ombres Errantes

A cinematographic, musical and live show project directed by Emmanuel Jessua. A documentary dive with the help of fiction in total adequacy with the setting.

Through a Bolivia that is both real and dreamlike, two brothers, who meet again after the death of their mother in La Paz after a long separation, go in search of their father, a famous musician, who disappeared in a mysterious way.

This quest will see them take the most spectacular roads (from the high plateaus of the Altiplano to the desert of the Salar of Uyuni), meet real people (some of whom are friends of the director), discover major cultural events, from the carnival of Oruro to the children's choirs of the Jesuit missions, all of which are witnesses of religious syncretism.

During this trip, one of the two brothers will realize the documentary he had planned on his father and his work; the other, by leaving on his tracks, will relive, without knowing it, a Bolivian legend, always alive, associated with the wandering shadows, of the "Condemned".

The movie was shot in Bolivia, where the director grew up. It's a poetical dive into the memories of a man searching for his lost mother and land; an elegiac meditation about the impossible mourning of childhood.

Bolivia... how much do we really know about this small landlocked country in the heart of South America? A few "postcard" images, folk music, tourist souvenirs... it is hardly possible to confuse it with a neighbouring country and to place it on a map...

And yet, Bolivia, this beggar sitting on a golden throne, home of military coups (180 in 150 years) and nibbled away by its big neighbours during lost wars, is capable of anything but leaving indifferent those who venture there.

This is the case of the director, who spent his adolescence there and has not stopped going back ever since, thus conceiving a real addiction for this country synonymous with insane wealth and appalling misery, passion and tragedy, but also for this people who has never lost its roots, its landmarks, its values... He also has an intimate knowledge of them: The enchantment of the cities, the magic in the depths of the countryside, the roads of death that lead to the edges of the giant Amazon, the rituals and myths inherited from the time before the Spanish conquest, the festivals that take us back to the great hours of Upper Peru, when Potosi was the third largest city in the western world and half the world's currency was minted there, the human tragedy concentrated today in the depths of the tin mines or on the windswept Altiplano, the tragedy, but also the energy, the energy that moves mountains with individual and collective dreams.

The soundrack by A Backward Glance On A Travel Road

A mixture of folk, rock and classical music, A Backward Glance On A Travel Road helps immerse yourself totally into a cinematographic universe. Crystal-like vocals and samples are dialogging into a maze of sounds, inspired by the author's travels through Latin America.

« Alba » is an artistic project, mixing cinema and music to revisit their original bond; a concert to illustrate in real-time, the original soundtrack of a movie, creating a genuine musical and cinematographic experience.

« Alba » is a movie, a concert, an album: a creative triptych brought to you to deliver a real and complete live show; a cinematographic live show in its original form.
Album cover of Alba - Les ombres Errantes
  • Screenshopt from the movie Alba, les ombres errantes
  • Screenshopt from the movie Alba, les ombres errantes
A film by Emmanuel Jessua
Written by Thierry & Emmanuel Jessua
Produced by Emmanuel Jessua

Mickael Pinelli
William Albors
Paulina Oña
Sound & Mix: Thibault Lamy
Assistant Director: Marion Guerrero
Editing: Emmanuel Jessua
Music: Emmanuel Jessua & Hypno5e
Location Manager: Florian Garcia
Script: Julia Baccan
Making Of: Manon Jessua
All rights reserved Hypno5e and Pelagic Records
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Promotion daniel[at]
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